GUILD MEETING, our birthday! (June)

by Tarenor117, 8 hours ago

So here is a quick summary of our guild meeting! 

First things first it's already passed but we had our IC birthday bash Saturday Night! we had a great turn out and i'm glad to have seen so many people have a awesome time! Be sure to thank Manlien, Nynaevve, astil, noss and Medas for helping put it together! 

5 years, been a long ass time. and we've def changed and will continue to do so, but it's still the same guild I love, and gives me reason to continue to play this game! 

((personal ooc and Ic message for you nerds ))

now moving on! 

TOURNAMENT OF THE SUMMER FLAME: is THIS WEEKEND. Wednesday night we're moving to the Argent Tournament Grounds to chill there with some friends and during the weekend we will be doing neat stuff with the community!  If you can't make it to the IC sign up please let ME KNOW BEFORE THURSDAY OOC WISE IF YOU'RE INTERESTED SO I CAN LET THEM KNOW!


RP-PVP CAMPAIGN: Here in a few weeks we'll be participating in a RP-PVP campaign with our allies on both sides of the fence! currently we are working on a plot but it's coming along! The Location will be in the Grizzly Hills, involving Conquest Hold and Venture bay! when the plot is finalized I will let you all know more! the campaign is set atm to last around 3 weeks but if it goes well it could continue for a few more after that! 

PVEguard: We will be attempting Tomb this week thursday at 8 server! Come with atleast 890-95 Item level and watched some videos over the fights. Most importantly, come with patience and prepared, we will do this at our own pace and will not tolerate pissy-ness. we're doing this to experience content and try to do this ourselves not become a raiding guild. 

RBGS: Due to us being busy this wednesday we will be cancelling RBGS this week but we will be starting them up again once more next week with our friends in speedbarge and redwood! 


Love you asshats, have any questions please feel free to get a hold of me in discord!

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