Guild meeting! 10-18-16

by Tarenor117, 4 days ago

Heyo folks sorry for the delay but here's the Summary for the guild meeting that happened. 


After long considering it for a long while I have decided to promote Ophiraeda to Lieutenant! she will be replacing Astil as a Recruitment officer and will be aiding in adding new peeps to the guild the Promotion will come soon ICly!

Astil will become the new PVP officer of the PHG, with Rhaella being his partner in crime. 

Velethos will become the new Centurion of the Sin'rethore! he'll be looking for a new Second Centurion soon, along with Rhaella choosing his Second. 

RP: We continue RPing on the Broken Isles with our current "Expedition" RP of the isles, When 7.1 drops we may be going to Suramar because, there will be elf stuff happening! YEAH BLOOD ELVES TOO. we won't be going right at launch.


I'll keep everyone up to date when we do go there! 

PVP: With astil and Rhaella working on PHG's PVP, we are STARTING RBGS THIS FRIDAY AND WILL BE RUNNING THEM EVERY FRIDAY! For more information hit up one of them! be sure to be working on gear and Honor level, the current requirements for RBGS is Honor level 10 and Item level 830! 

PVE: Lotheria is my new co-raid leader! With RBGS starting up soon we will be switching to raiding only once a week soon to make sure RP and RP events aren't stymied. which means lolo and I are going to start cracking down on afking and starting late on Raid nights. Come prepared and with a pee bottle! we'll soon be able to do xavius and cenarius right away with people completeing the raid quests!


THIRD SQUAD: I forgot to talk about this during the meeting, but I am putting the Third Squad on the back burner for now until we see how pop is mid legion, if we can keep up the rp and the acitivity we will do it! but for now i do not want officer/member ratio getting out of proportion. 

And I'll end off with this, remember! we are a RP guild first and always, I know with Legion still on the first turn people are doing so much gamewise, but please sure to remember that we rp, and im not just talking about events. We have Bases, and plots and basically a guild for a reason! to rp with each other, and don't forget that. so please try to make a effort.

Alright folks thats it for this summary! have any questions hit me up!

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